1: Jessie

1: Jessie

Posted On: March 31, 2010

He loved how untidy she was.  She’d unzip her boots right there in the kitchen as she heated up the pasta, stepping just to the right of them, her round heels lifted and turned to the side, just enough to let him know this is a moment he’d think about years later.

The house was no different. Her messiness went in phases, but different parts of the house were always in a different phase. The new moon brought a messy kitchen. The quarter moon left the bed undone. Half moon meant the bathroom could use a shine. Three quarters moon and her clothes just didn’t fit, and her closet suffered for it.

She seemed tied right into that lunacy of it all, somehow, but she never stopped to notice.

But that quarter moon – there was a reason it was the way that it was.

We will leave you to guess why. It’s better that way.

Music by: Brad Sucks »

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