2: Frank

2: Frank

Posted On: March 31, 2010

Had the timing been better he’d be a hero. Saying exactly what should be said, cracking all the right jokes, touching in all the right ways, smelling just the way he should, and teasing with all the right… excitement.

Instead, his timing was off.  Drilling for oil in an arctic tundra sitting on a thick quarter mile of glacier.

Same guy. Same girl. Wrong day.


It’s a lesson in the fair but whimsical temperament of a lady. Of perhaps all ladies. And there are plenty of things a woman does a man will never understand.

Like why she always goes through the greeting card aisle even when it’s nobody’s birthday.

Perhaps men can sympathize, or empathize, but they just can’t realize. Instead it makes him feel better to say, “Ruthless woman. She has a heart like a diamond, tougher than the coal that bore it.”

He’s just a little hurt. Give him a little time, a little space, and he’ll rejoin the living. A little time.


Music by: Brad Sucks »

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