13: Family Sighs

13: Family Sighs

Posted On: June 16, 2010

Airplane travel never ceases to amaze. Not so much when doing the traveling, but more so when leaving someone at the airport.

It starts innocently enough – you do your good friendly deed and swing by, stuff the trunk, speed off to the nearest port and hug them goodbye as you’re shooed away by that security stiff giving you the eyeball. And then you go home quietly, tamping down the secret wanderlust this whole episode inspired.

Two hours later they’re texting you telling you they’ve landed somewhere a thousand miles away and you’re still sitting there in your pajamas sipping a cup of soup, having not moved an inch.

The relativity of motion is awe inspiring. In an instant someone’s life has changed – they’re breathing, eating, drinking, feeling in a place that still seems like Earth but is so strangely, obviously different.

And you. You barely made it through the second part of the LOST finale.

Gods of steel and wind we are.

But only when we feel like it.

A Special Note

Hopefully you’ve noticed… the dialog in this episode is a collage of old TV show theme song lyrics. Can you name them all?

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