14: Bad Medicine

14: Bad Medicine

Posted On: June 30, 2010

She seemed capable only of polite, shallow and happy conversation. A joke, a gag, a little something to laugh about sideways.

Kryptonite to that guy who wants to be on the other side of that wall. Nothing good comes easy he’s been told. Didn’t someone have to be the first to try something as uninviting as a coconut? He had the scent.

But those who did rappel over that wall, gingerly set their feet down and shuffled atop a floor that immediately gave way to a pit. A pit with plenty of company. There, on the edge, down into the darkness, to them she would yell her incessant complaints about the shortcomings of everyone and everything around her. Unhappy, she was.

She lived in a world encased in disappointment and lack of fulfillment, and herself thoroughly unequipped to steer to a better place. Maybe someone had cracked her shell a long time ago, the milk long since spilled out. Maybe she fell from a poorly tended branch. Or maybe she was just- heartbreakingly- normal.

The hope for something new was dashed; she was just like all the rest.

Only with a prettier smile.

Music by: Brad Sucks »

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