17: Rock Around the Clock

17: Rock Around the Clock

Posted On: August 11, 2010

She just wants to freeze time and be a teenager again. Just for a moment. Isolated in its occurrence, harmless in its irresponsibility. Just a fantasy, a hope, a dream, and an indulgence.

That doesn’t exist.

Nor did it ever exist.

Her life doesn’t belong just to her. It belongs to the parents who gave it to her. It belongs to her children who she’ll have to answer about it to some day. It belongs to the people around her whose motives and lives she influences with how she lives hers.

Does her life add value to this earth or is she just a symbiont? A barnacle attached to the big blue and green pebble.

The products of her life need to be worthy of the sheer miracle that she even has a life.

Earn your place in the big show.

Music under Creative Commons by: David Byrne ยป

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