8: Love is a Battlefield

8: Love is a Battlefield

Posted On: April 27, 2010

What closes doors better than anger? Like sheet rock dropped in front of your eyes, you seal up that door like it never existed. Like you never spent time in there, comfortably wrapped around the heart of someone’s meaning. How do you describe that feeling, to be outside the door of that room?

One of the hardest things to face in life is becoming an outsider to someone else’s life.

You betray your own jigsaw pattern you worked so hard to cut and mold and tamp down to fit next to theirs. You turn away from the folded corners you had wedged into place all the while convincing yourself it was a perfect fit.

There’s that feeling. That feeling you might have felt before. That dull ache you might not call pain, but damn if it doesn’t hurt.

Together you seal the doors and lock in memories you don’t want to bleed out and taint the happiness of your future. It’s the last decision you make together. Love’s last call. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

But there’s still that dull ache. What do you call that? Part fear, part anger, part sadness, part loneliness, part relief.

Relief. Focus on the relief. Because the only other option is anger.

Music by: Brad Sucks ยป

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