9: Netfix

9: Netfix

Posted On: May 4, 2010

Orwell. Father of the 80’s. He wouldn’t think it, perhaps, but he was an elitist. And what’s wrong with that exactly?

If everyone was a populist, who would be exceptional? More importantly, who would be able to recognize the exceptional? It’s a healthy dose of self-important elitism that drives us to produce those most moving works of art, science, literature and film- that we actually have the gall to think are worthy of or capable of changing the world.

1984 wasn’t written by a committee, a board or a department. It was written by George F*%#ing Orwell, and he thought he knew better. An elitist fighting authority.

So the question is…

Would George Orwell still have written 1984 if he’d known Like a Virgin by Madonna was to be the top song that year? Would he have felt somehow responsible?

Perhaps he may have felt better about Footloose.

Populism is great, but we need some elitists in the mix. Otherwise, just who the hell else is going to steer this ship?

Music by: Brad Sucks ยป

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